Walnuts from Donbass

As you may know from the news, there is a civil war being fought for already 4 long years, in eastern Ukraine. A terrible tragedy with, as usual, mainly victims within the civilian population.

It's the normal people here who are the victims of this terrible war. They have seen their salary cut in halve, lost their pension, lost their possessions. They have seen their families disrupted, many of them had to fight and defend their loved-ones (mostly involuntary), many of them have been severely hurt or became disabled for life. Most of them were average citizens like you and me, men, women and children. Fathers and mothers with normal jobs, just trying to make something out of life...

We intend to help the people here, but not only by financial gifts or products. It should not become a bottomless pit, because then we could ask for help every month. No, what we want is a project which is self-sustaining. Last year, we have studied possibilities and goods here in Donetsk which could contribute to the local economy and create jobs.


Like in the Netherlands we have a lot of chestnut trees, trees which are hardly interesting for food purposes, we have even more walnut trees here in Donetsk. It is that they are so big, otherwise you would even fall over them. Trees which grow over 20 kg of the most delicious walnuts every year, pure, organic, without a trace of fertiliser, just growing everywhere.

There is an abundance of walnuts here and they could give a positive contribution for the local economy by exporting them to Russia. By offering the people that we buy their collected walnuts, we create a direct possibility for the people here to generate a small but very welcome income. The difference between purchasing and sales is enough to generate money for new projects without being dependant on new crowd funding. Some of them as humanitarian aid, others as re-investment projects.

To be able to realise this all, we will have to make some initial costs like: the renting of real estate for drying and packaging of the walnuts, the necessary documents for the export to Russia and the transport itself. We will also need enough funding to pay the people who go out to collect the walnuts, per kg in cash.

From the end of September until half of October, the walnuts will fall of the trees. So we have about two and a halve moth to prepare everything. Here we will print flyers in Russian to make the people aware that we will buy their collected walnuts, so we can have them cracked, dried and packed for transport to Russia

The progress of everything can be followed in detail on our website. We will show photos and published articles. Also there is contact with the ministry of economic development to make this project successful. Export of walnuts and nearly all other products to Russia is possible, the only exception is meat.

These people here are in desperate need of your help. Together we can show, we do not agree with sanctions, together we can show we do NOT support this war. Together we can show that this war MUST stop!

Do you want to help these people, do you want to contribute in ending this futile war, then please support our project by making a donation on our website.