The Magnitsky act

BANNED DOCUMENTARY - The Magnitsky Act: Behind The Scenes (FULL / In English) Click on the photo to see the movie. If you want to download the movie please sent us a e-mail.

This is a must watch documentary that has been banned in the western world.

Despite all the threats of lawsuits and physical intimidation which hedge fund executive William Browder brought to bear over the past couple of months to ensure that a remarkable investigative film about the so-called Magnitsky case would not be screened anywhere, it was shown privately in a museum of journalism in Washington, D.C. but has otherwise been banned.

About the original film

Andrei Nekrasov, a Russian film and TV director who was known for his anti-government documentaries.
When the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was agedly murdered in a Russian prison cell Nekrasov was sure he wanted to make a movie about this.
And so he did. He talked to Bill Browder, the person that is known to tell this story to the world.
The person that advocated the Magnitsky act in honor off his lawyer.
He talked to Bill Browder to let him tell his story again and together they viewed the script and (at least part of) the scenes, Browder seemed to liked it.

The shooting of the film was ready as the story about the death off Magnitsky changed from months of torture and medical neglect to beaten to death by 8 prison guards with rubber batons. (see documentary at about 30 minutes)
After re-filming this he finds out that something is not right and he starts questioning the things he ignored while filming because it does not fitted the picture.
And every answer raised another question, until he could not deny anymore that the film he was making and allot of the stuff Browder told the world did not add up with the truth.

Bill Browder`s fortune

If we look up how Bill Browder made his fortune you will find out that he was nothing else than a non-Russian oligarch.
Quote Wikipedia: “Browder and Edmond Safra (1932–1999) founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996 for the purpose of investing initial seed capital of $25 million in Russia during the period of the mass privatization after the fall of the Soviet Union. Beny Steinmetz was another of the original investors in Hermitage.
Following the Russian financial crisis of 1998, Browder remained committed to Hermitage's original mission of investing in Russia, despite significant outflows from the fund. Hermitage became a prominent activist shareholder in the Russian gas giant Gazprom, the large oil company Surgutneftegaz, RAO UES, Sberbank, Sidanco, Avisma, and Volzhanka.[21] Browder exposed management corruption and corporate malfeasance in these partly state-owned companies.[22] He has been quoted as saying: "You had to become a shareholder activist if you didn't want everything stolen from you".[13]”  end quote.

But there is more to it than that.

In This link Browder tells right in the beginning that and I quote

“If my grandfather was the biggest communist in America, I am going to try to be the biggest capitalist in Eastern Europa" (0:56)
This shows that he came from a communist family and that his devotion to rebel against his family and communism came from deep within.

Browder started with 2000 dollar and invested in a company that was part of the Sovjet privatization policy. And so his capital begin. He did this for many years and made a fortune.
After 1998 at the time of the economic crisis the Russian oligarchs profited by buying up the compagnies that could not survive. And this was not always going fair.
Browder himself lost 900 million in this crisis, this was 90%  of his capital and he to, had trouble with the oligarchs at that time.
But Browder found a way to get his hands on inside information in allot of this cases and handed information to the government. This was after Putin became president.
Putin wanted these oligarchs handled and was happy with the information.
At the same time Browder bought stocks in this companies when the price was low, and made big profit because after the government stepped in to prevent this crimes, the stock prices went up. And so did Browder’s money again.
In most part of the word he would go to jail only for this, because this is acting with inside knowledge and this is illegal in most places. But not in Russia, I guess they ware happy with his information.

Tax scam

But all the capital was not enough for Browder, he did not payed the taxes he should.
Here for he was under investigation by the Russian government before 2005 and in 2005 he was blacklisted in Russia.

But this is one thing that Browder always kept out of his timeline about how everything went.
According to him police raided his office and confiscated his documents in 2007 because he get in the way off government corruption. 2 years after he was blacklisted, 2 years after he had liquidated all his companies.

If he was getting in the way of the corruption of the Russian government, ore part of the government, why would they raid his office and steal documents to make a big scam? A scam that would get allot of media attention.
If those politicians where corrupt, was it not way more convenient for them to leave Browder, that was already out of the country and was no trouble anymore? Just convict him for tax fraud so he would never set foot in the country ever again, so that the story would go down quietly?

I still wonder why he had an office in Russia were apparently all important documents where kept, ownership papers from companies that he did not have because he sold everything 2 years before according to his own words (see link above). But still the companies where stolen by Russian police, given to the Russian mob and become part of the biggest tax fraud scam in Russian history.
Or…. Is this a very well sold scam to save Browder’s face and fulfill his hate against the biggest former communist country, because Browder himself was part of the biggest tax scam in Russian history…


The outcome was more than Browder could ever hoped for, a hate against Russia on a massive scale.

What if...

If everything Bill Browder was saying was a lie, than the story goes way further than this documentary. The small connections I see looking at all this with another eye for so far are interesting at least, and can connect allot of dots.
But I am not the person with the capability for finding all this stuff out, but I hope someone has picked up this job and that he will live to tell it.

The Magnitsky act

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  1. Wil die film wel eens zien maar slaag er niet in. Op YouTube is hij plots verdenen. En langs deze weg wil ik jullie nogmaals feliciteren met deze schitterende website. Mooi werk!!

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