Media about the war in Donbass

Ukraine on fire - Oliver Stone

The Odessa Massacre - What REALLY Happened

A complete website and YouTube channel with dozens of good documentary’s.
Ours and ours of research material. Great work, a must watch.

This is the YouTube channel from Donbass Rose. Here you can find allot of interesting interviews with civilians and soldiers of the DPR, as well as other report of various subjects inside DPR


A blog page from a French journalist living in the DPR. The blog is very divers and definitely worth reading. The page is in French but can be translated in google chrome.

After have served on the frontline, Russel is now doing mainly humanitarian work and is writhing about his views on this war and the world. He also is about to publish a book on his experiences of the first months on the frontline.

Patrick Lancaster is a journalist that was here since 2014 and he has covert the war ever since.
Weekly reports directly from the frontline and reporting of main events..