About us

First off all I would like to say that we like the effort you have made to visit this website.
From Donbass with Love is an initiative off us, Pascal and Ilse.

We left everything in The Netherlands because we were sick and tired off the fact that our own government was getting involved in wars all over the globe, we felt like we were indirectly responsible while we were paying for these wars with our tax money, wars being waged on families like our own.
More explanation about this is in the blogs. Most of the articles in the blog are in our native language Dutch, but we have translated some of it in to English.

I just left the DPR army after one year off service, got the DPR passport and made a bunch of new friends over here, the fact that I left the army is not that I want to go back to The Netherlands but about the fact that I can be of more use to the people here as a civilian.

As a soldier I worked one year and was only home for 24hours a week, it helped me enormously in learning Russian but I still need more Russian practice to speak it even better.
It is a very rich language, a difficult language to learn.
Also because off my bad knowledge off the Russian language I think I will work better as a civilian.
I can read and write English Dutch and German although my grammar may not be perfect but I can come around.

Since we are in Donetsk DPR we are being asked, mainly by Dutch folks if we can tell them anything about the situation here because our media in the west isn’t mentioning anything about this still ongoing war.

Having done one year off service with the guys on the front lines, I can assure you that they are mostly men and women which are just defending their home grounds, some off them sometimes just living just a few kilometres away from the frontlines and before the war started most of them were living normal lives as civilians like you and me.

Our goal now is two sided. We want to continue to give information about the situation here and raise awareness about the lies of media and politicians.

The second part is make the lives here a bit better for people.
For this we have several projects in mind which can sustain themselves so that we don’t have to do crowd funders on a regular bases.
With this we can support the people that need it, this can be in the form of creating paid jobs or humanitarian aid projects as well as making an income for ourselves.

All information about these projects will be displayed in the project category in the top menu.
We will do this in the form off photos and articles.
New projects as well as important updates will also be posted on the From Donbass with Love Facebook page.

We thank everyone who contribute in any way to make this all possible, not only financially but also morally,
technically and practically and thank everyone who will in the future.

We can`t do this without your support, but together we can make a difference and help the people here which are the true victims off this war in Donbass.
The war which is still continuing, a war over which the western media is not reporting.


From Donbass with Love,
Pascal and Ilse